Workout Instructions

  • Make sure to reach your maximum in each exercise and in each circle.
    Your goal is to burn as many calories as possible. In order to do that you are going to have to go hard on each exercise.
  • How to choose the right weight?
    Use 60% of your 1RM. In this type of training, INTENSITY IS THE KEY. Keep in mind that all exercises are made to burn calories, but more intense exercises burn more calories. We want to push you far away from your comfort zone, and if you are willing to bring the intensity to the maximum, you will understand the idea very quickly.
  • Safety tips:
    -Never skip the warm-up and the stretching part of the workout.
    -Make sure to rest properly.
    -Start slowly and enjoy the process of getting in shape.
    -Make sure to check the videos in order to use proper movement.
  • Quick tips to keep in mind:
    The amount of time you spend in your intense interval. The more time you spend – the more calories you burn. We are offering a few time solutions so you can decide where to start.
    -FITNESS LEVEL 1: 20-sec work – 10-sec rest (3 – 4 circles)
    -FITNESS LEVEL 2: 30-sec work – 15-sec rest (4 – 5 circles)
    -FITNESS LEVEL 3: 45-sec work – 15-sec rest (4 – 6 circles)
    -FITNESS LEVEL 1 (Little or no experience with the HIIT program)
    -FITNESS LEVEL 2 (Medium experience in HIIT program but need to improve condition)
    -FITNESS LEVEL 3 (Expert in HIIT program, looking for the next level)
  • The amount of time you spend in REST interval As your body adapts to the HIIT program you are going to find less time needed for rest. Our the advice still is to have the resting level in order to bring your maximum in the intense part.
  • The number of REPS you perform in each circle In order to keep the same rhythm in each circle, you should remember your reps in the first circle and try to keep that numbers in the following circles.
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