What is Quickly Shape program?

Quickly Shape program is a HIIT program designed for all of us who are lacking time, space and energy to create or maintain our body posture, strength and endurance. We have designed this program to be your mobile workout guide to your workout program.

What are the benefits of this program?

Our main idea for creating this program was to create a program which is: Intense enough, time-efficient and can be done anywhere with minimal equipment. Besides the time management and intense workouts, you are going to be challenged with each workout more. You are going to burn fat while getting stronger within each week. Also, your cardiovascular health will improve while adapting to the workout program. Your resting heart rate will come to normal and you are going to feel more energy for everyday activities.

How do I choose a program for me?

There are a few tips and a checklist which will help you to choose your program. 

 Are you willing to invest in your Home equipment and start your journey from home? 

If the answer is yes, choose Home QS. If the answer is no, then the choice should be GYM QS. 

After you decide where are you going to work out, it is time to think about nutrition. Are you willing to invest your energy in nutrition so you can gain maximum results?  

If the answer is yes, you should choose the program with nutrition. If the answer is no, choose the one without.

We want to stay on this topic for a while. Our advice is to go „all in“ when it comes to your health. The joy and the satisfaction that you are going to experience while being your own Chef is so great that we want you to see it for yourself. Why is this so important? Whatever your goal is, nutrition is a game-changer. If you need to lose weight – you need to be in a calorie deficit. If you are trying to gain mass then your goal should be calorie surplus. If you want to maintain you should know how to. To help you and guide you through your process we have all options covered for you.

Which equipment do I need?

If you choose the gym program, the equipment is already waiting for you in the
gym. If you choose the home workout program here is the list of needed equipment:
1. Exercise Mat
2. Dumbbells (one light, and second pair medium weight. Example: a 4kg pair and an 8 kg pair)
3. Resistance Band (intermediate level)
4. Medicine Ball (4, 6 or 8kg)
5. Jump Rope

Benefits of Home QS?

You are going to spend zero minutes in traffic to get to your gym. Also, you are not going to pay your gym membership. 

 Workout anytime
You can exercise on your own schedule You are going to take a shower and continue with your day without time-wasting.

Get stronger when no one is watching
There is something about bettering yourself which is exciting. Especially when no one is watching or expecting. Surprise everyone including yourself and you are going to get addicted to being your best version. 

Minimal equipment
You need minimal equipment, and you don’t have to wait for anyone to finish. Organization in a small space is going to be your new skill. 

Low cost
You are going to save your money simply for not using your car, and you are not going to pay for the gym membership. If the weather is nice, you can work out in your backyard which is liberating.

We are going to be honest from the start. The program is not easy. It will make you produce sounds and voices to make your workout easier. You can do that in the privacy of your home and feel great about it!

Benefits of Gym QS?

With this program, you are going to have the option of quick metabolic workout which is not going to take you hours of your day. Once when you set the equipment your workout will be done in 25 min. 

Workout anytime
You can go to the gym at the time that works best for you. You don’t have to create a schedule with a personal trainer and stress whether you are going to make it or not. 

If your choice is the gym, then the best advice is to take full advantage. Cardio machines such as treadmill, stairclimber, nordic skiing or seated rowing machine are the ones that are great for you to warm up or finish the workout. This strategy is going to help you burn more calories than a workout program at home. 

Set up
You don’t have to take the equipment, it is inside waiting for you. The only thing that you need to do is to read the workout of the day and arrange your space with the equipment needed. You only need your mobile device and wireless headphones. 

You are going to have a variety of dumbbells, kettlebells barbels and everything needed. So, if one day you feel less energy then the week before, you can simply take less heavy equipment. Also, the battle rope is the one which is very tempting in this program, you should try yourself. 

You are going to work out like few out there. Your circuit will be a tough challenge even for advanced people. You will get people looking and wondering about your next exercise, which will motivate you through the circuit. 

Which level is the right for me?

Workout has few options. Within the home and gym workout programs, you get to choose one of
three levels.

LEVEL 1: 30-sec work and 15 sec rest time period. Time needed to complete the workout: 15 minutes.

LEVEL 2: 45-sec work and 15 sec rest time period. Time needed to complete the workout: 19 minutes.

LEVEL 3: 60-sec work, without rest. Time needed to complete the workout: 21 minutes.

How do I organize my workouts?

Option 1: Monday – Rest – Wednesday – Rest – FridaySaturday – Rest

Option 2: MondayTuesday – Rest – Thursday – Rest – Saturday – Rest

What are my nutrition options?

Our nutrition program has been created by our solution partner LifeLifting. Whether you are a vegan, omnivore or a vegetarian we’ve got you covered. If you are trying to lose fat or gain muscle mass, nutrition is the key. In each program that includes nutrition, you are going to receive an 8-week Meal Plan and Shopping list. Our advice is to take the option with nutrition to reach your best possible results, whatever the desired goal may be. If the result is to have more energy, you need proper nutrition to follow the workout program. If the result is to gain mass you need the nutrition which will create a specific calorie surplus. If the result is to lose fat, you need nutrition to create a precise meal plan based on your body type and preference.

We have prepared three different meal plan options.
1. Omnivore
2. Vegan
3. Vegetarian

Each meal program contains 7 days of your chosen option, with 5 meals each day.

In order to choose your nutritional preference, your goal, as well as provide us with the information needed to send the right meal plan for you – just fill out the questionnaire in the checkout.

Once you fill the questionnaire, you are going to receive your first month of nutrition with the shopping list included. The first month will include two meal plans, each covering 2 weeks of the program.
At the end of the fourth week, you will be asked to insert your weight again and you are going to receive a new nutrition program for the second month.

How long does the program last?

Both Home and the gym workout program are 16 weeks long. There are a lot of challenging workouts inside of both program, and each workout is different than the previous.

How to measure progress?

Consistency is the key. If you are consistent with your schedule and workout program then this is already a proof of progress. You are able to find those few minutes and fully dedicate to yourself, that was the idea from the start. 

Body structure You are going to see the difference in the coming weeks. First, you are going to notice the change in the way how your outfit looks on you. Then, you are going to see the difference in your muscle structure. And once when you see only those two factors you are going

Document your journey. This is important. In order to always give your best, write everything down. Notebook, Word, Excell spreadsheet it is up to you – BUT WRITE EVERYTHING. Write your workout week plan, your most difficult exercise, rate your workout from 1 to 10, write down your steps on the rest day. Record yourself, both audio and video. You can do the audio of the journey by simply telling to yourself how do you feel before and after the workout. This can be your podcast show. Also, record a video of yourself exercising. It is a great tool to check your technique and effort. This is how you are going to track yourself and create content around your journey. We want your story to be successful. 

Good things come

to those who sweat







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